Arizona Society of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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Become an AACVPR Joint Affiliate Member

  • ASCVPR is a Joint Affiliate of AACVPR. What does this mean? With your Joint Affiliate Membership, you will pay yearly dues and receive all of the benefits of a standard AACVPR Membership, but in addition, you are automatically enrolled as a member of your state society, gaining you access to your local network and resources! Click here to watch a short video on what you receive as a Joint Affiliate.

    Become an AACVPR member because we:

    • Promote high standards in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.
    • Offer professional education through educational conferences.
    • Provide opportunities to network with professional peers to enhance knowledge and understanding.
    • Act as a unified voice on legislation and issues that affect the quality of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.
    • And… to have fun.

AACVPR Membership

AACVPR is proud to announce that the Education Advantage Membership category has been renamed the AACVPR Membership, to better align with our mission of promoting health through offering all our members access to education. All previous EducationAdvantage Members will retain the same benefits and offering; it is a change in name only. Webcast registration and AACVPR or nursing continuing education credits (CEC’s), you can get all of the benefits that previously came with the AACVPR Professional Membership, plus Webcast registration and AACVPR or nursing continuing education credits (CEC’s), for one low price.

To better understand this membership category, click here to review frequently asked questions that may help clarify the AACVPR Membership.

AACVPR Joint Affiliate Membership Benefits

  • Access to ASCVPR member only events
  • Discounts on ASCVPR events and conferences
  • Access to a network of cardiac and pulmonary rehab professionals in Arizona
  • Discounts on AACVPR events and conferences
  • All the benefits of AACVPR’s Education Advantage Membership + free CEUs


*When signing up please indicate that ASCVPR is your state affiliate.

Emerging Professional Membership

AACVPR is introducing its new Emerging Professional Membership. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for a career in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation is to gain access to a network of leading professionals in the field, receive significant discounts on education that is specific to the profession, and view job postings to jump start your career, and AACVPR Student Membership does just that! With the Emerging Professional Membership, you pay a reduced membership fee to gain access to all of the resources that come with the AACVPR Membership. All you need to do is provide documentation of your status as an enrolled student OR a letter from your supervisor verifying that you are within the first two years of your career in cardiac/pulmonary rehab, and you will be offered this great rate. Learn more, including how to specifically qualify for this offer.

Retired Professional Membership

AACVPR now has a membership for retired Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab professionals. Want to stay up to date with the current changes in the Cardiac & Pulmonary rehab world? Want access to education and the JCRP? You can stay in touch now with the Retired Membership Category. Those who are retiring from the cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation profession may apply to stay a part of the AACVPR community by renewing for Retired Membership. For only $60 per year, you receive all the benefits of AACVPR Membership, including free registration to webcasts and exclusive discounts on Learning Center products and AACVPR events. 

ASCVPR State Membership Only

To join as a ASCVPR State Member only , contact us at for details.

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Our Mission

The purpose of this organization is to support cardiovascular and pulmonary, and preventive medicine professionals while promoting quality care.

Our Objectives

Communication & Support

Promote communication, exchange ideas, and support with other cardiovascular, pulmonary, and preventive medicine professionals.

Promote Quality Research

Promote quality research in cardiovascular and pulmonary rehab and preventive medicine to professionals and lay community.

Advance Quality Care

We are a proponent for issues that favorably advances quality patient care.

Information Resource

To serve as an information resource for cardiovascular and pulmonary rehab and preventive medicine professionals and lay community.

Promote Standardization

Promote the standardization and critical evaluation of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehab and preventive medicine practices.

Support Quality Programs

To support the development and maintenance of quality cardiovascular and pulmonary rehab and preventive medicine programs.